Should You Go It Alone or Hire a Professional?

Many people prefer to work alone without collaborating with experts, because it is difficult to ascertain whether a so-called expert can truly add value. Unfortunately, many so-called experts misrepresent their knowledge concerning one of the most important financial decisions of your life.

We are your experts and your advocates. We are intensely engaged to help ensure a smooth and successful result. We bring discipline and value to the process, and do everything possible to make sure you don’t leave any money on the table.

  • We focus on getting you the best deal and are sensitive to your goals and needs
  • You focus on your core competency (your business) and don’t become distracted by unscrupulous buyers or tedious, time consuming issues
  • We become knowledgeable about your company and industry so we can articulate its strengths and provide “perspective” regarding perceived weaknesses
  • We prepare a professional and compelling package that highlights attributes and generates buyer interest
  • We qualify buyers for financial and business credibility
  • We position your company assertively and defend against criticism and problematic issues
  • We understand fears and expectations, and prepare you accordingly
  • We defend against confidentiality leaks
  • We provide an emotional buffer during the process
  • We provide due diligence preparation and assistance
  • We provide strategic, proactive marketing to the best buyers
  • We suggest tax saving strategies
  • We provide coaching for meetings with sellers,buyers and/or lenders
  • We help you navigate through the transaction minefields
  • We help procure efficient financing
  • We negotiate so that you get what you deserve

You need a partner that will roll up their sleeves and “drive” deals to the finish line.