Sell-Side Advisory

Selling a Company requires a broad range of “skill sets” as well as serious “people skills”. The process of successfully navigating the transaction landscape encompasses just as much “art” as “science”. Handling the process itself, coupled with unpredictable “complexities and issues” that frequently arise, requires sophisticated advisory assistance.

We are involved with you from start to finish, and won’t relax until we get the job done. This allows you the opportunity to stay focused on your business so that during the process there is no reduction in revenue or earnings.

Our objective of converting your assets and/or stock into maximum value encompasses a multifaceted approach, including the following:

  • Understanding your goals – personal, corporate, strategic and financial
  • Evaluating your company and industry from many perspectives – financial, infrastructural, operational and others
  • Analyzing financial data – financial statements, tax returns, trends (understanding what drives the numbers and aggressively recasting and adjusting)
  • Packaging and positioning your company – crafting professional, “value-driving” business document
  • Researching the marketplace – comprehensive research to customize our search and identify the best buyers in the marketplace
  • Proactive, targeted marketing – aggressive, yet confidential techniques are used to apprise buyers of opportunities
  • Qualifying buyers – evaluate buyer motivations, priorities, financial credibility and business background
  • Negotiating the best price and structure – understand seller and buyer needs, strengths and weaknesses, sell strategically, leverage price and terms, structure to mitigate risk and to obtain tax advantaged benefits
  • Interfacing with attorneys, CPA’s, financiers and others – collaborative team effort is imperative to achieving successful results
  • Providing due diligence assistance – preparing sellers for the numerous meetings, questions and issues they will face
  • Closing and post-closing issue management – helping sellers regarding the myriad issues they may encounter to ensure a positive closing and post-closing experience

Selling a business is a process that requires a well-conceived plan and extreme diligence. It must be handled correctly the first time.

…that’s where The Wheatley Group comes in.