Client Services

  • Sell-Side Advisory

    Selling a Company requires a broad range of “skill sets” as well as serious “people skills”. The process of successfully navigating the transaction landscape encompasses just as much “art” as “science”. Handling the process itself, coupled with unpredictable “complexities and issues” that frequently arise, requires sophisticated advisory assistance.

    We are involved with you from start to finish, and won’t relax until we get the job done. This allows you the opportunity to stay focused on your business so that during the process there is no reduction in revenue or earnings.

  • Buy-Side Advisory

    Acquiring a business can be a daunting and nerve racking experience. It is difficult to know where or how to find the “right” business and whether or not the seller is being forthright. It can be equally challenging to evaluate and ascertain if the financial information provided is true, complete and accurate.

    Metaphorically, businesses are tantamount to “living entities” with many moving parts. It is imperative that you understand the inner workings associated with these entities. To maximize the probability of success,it is critical that you partner with professionals that can help you find, analyze and negotiate transactions that are the right fit for your needs and goals.

  • Financing Assistance

    Bringing sellers and buyers together is only part of the formula toward consummating deals. The buyer must be able to procure the necessary funds to finance and close the transaction.

    Accessing the requisite financing can be a frustrating and tedious process. There are many hoops that buyers must jump through, coupled with the process of articulating the strengths of a fluid business to financiers, who often bring a heavy dose of skepticism to the “underwriting process.” Buyers must understand how to obtain the necessary financing to acquire and operate the business.

    We maintain close relationships with numerous reliable and aggressive financing sources that are equipped to find creative solutions to close deals. We are happy to introduce our clients to the decision makers at these financing institutions to help facilitate timely closings.

  • Consultation and Preparation

    Wheatley Group professionals continually advise and assist clientele, consultatively, to strategically prepare them to optimize “exit strategy” goals. This includes providing clients with a realistic understanding of their company’s current value and what specific operational and infrastructural actions they need to implement to drive and create greater value.

…that’s where The Wheatley Group comes in.